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April 16, 2012
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I ask myself
if you sometimes think about the future
if you would hold me when I'm leaving
if you want to know if I'd come back

I ask myself
what's inside you
what's behind those big diamond eyes
feelings, are they for someone, something else?

I ask myself
what are you doing in your dreams
what are you thinking, tell me, please
would you ever cry for me?
I ask myself, I just ask myself.
True story!

* me
* my boyfriend

Are we together? :iconinloveplz:
- aahm, yes, but please don't show it in your facebook-RL-status!

Whatcha thinkin? :heart:
- I miss Lisa....

Whatcha doin'? :heart:
- Thinkin' 'bout Lisa....

I never ever want to go away from you anymore! :glomp:
- Who has ever said that u already have me!? :paranoid:

I've drawn you! :la:
- :paranoid: I look emo on that drawing.

I'm afraid to go to the university. I'll miss you, and I'm really afraid of getting soon a sms where u write "sweatheart, it's over"...
- U really think I will quit by writing a sms? And u really think that I'll write the word "sweatheart" in it??? :jawdrop:

Sorry, but sometimes I think, I've expected it different.

My lovely sunny summer-boy, yes, sometimes I've expected many things different. I had those terrible feelings and I thaught that you don't love - or even like - me!
I've never expected that the situation might change and I've never expected that it would change like this.

Another true story:
I talked with a friend on the phone. We talked about university and all that stuff, studying and things like that, because I'll go to university 300 km fare away from my sweatheart. She asked me, what I'm going to do. I answered, that I'll buy a train-ticket for the whole year (which is quite expensive! 1050€!!! That's kinda expensive for me) so I can visit him every week at the weekend. I said, that it's very important for me. She was very shocked... her answer: "It's the first time that you say things like that. I really want to meet this important person! You've never shown that somebody's that important for you." And I realized, that she's right.

FFFFUUUUUCK!!! What should I think??? What DO I think? ;(
MetalMasquerade Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
i see.
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